Privacy Policy/Conditions

Our privacy policy will help you understand what information we collect at Bridgewebs, how Bridgewebs uses it, and what choices you have.

When we talk about “Bridgewebs,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this policy, we are referring to Bridgewebs software and team.  Our Services are currently available for use via a web browser or applications specific to your desktop or mobile device.

Privacy Policy

Bridgewebs needs certain personal data to enable it to provide its products and services to its Customers and end users. The personal data collected will generally include individual contact names and emails and held within a secure area.

Bridgewebs also provided the software, databases and systems to enable the club sites to operate as required. Any club data may include, postal address, telephone and e-mail addresses for use by the club. The personal data is held within a secure area and only accessible to the Members as defined by the settings within the club site.

Bridgewebs does not share any of the club or member details contained within any Bridgewebs web site database with any 3rd parties. All Bridgewebs staff authorised to process the personal data have committed themselves to confidentiality. 

Bridgewebs does not store or collect credit card or other financial information.

Bridgewebs Apps only accesses and displays data from the selected club web site and does not access or collect and data from any mobile device


This site and all club sites using bridgewebs use Cookies to help improve the site experience.

In particular

  • When using the Members Only pages
  • When using the Web Administration

The cookies are used to remember that you have logged in and avoid having to enter a password for each page.

No personal information is remembered using cookies and the information recorded is not used for any tracking purposes nor given to any third party.

Offensive, Defamatory or Malicious Information

Bridgewebs reserves the right to remove any pages which it considers Offensive, Defamatory or Malicious. Further, Bridgewebs reserves the right to Suspend any web site continuing to display repeated entries of Offensive or Malicious information.